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Sports massage and recovery therapies in Wakefield & Barnsley including corporate massage

Rejuvenate Massage Therapy is owned by Kay Mallinson. Kay is a highly experienced Sports and Remedial Therapist. She has worked with clients from a full range of backgrounds, including elite athletes to those suffering with the aches and pains of daily life. She is firm believer that anyone can benefit from a sports massage, and that relaxation in this way can lead to a better quality of life.
Rejuvenate Massage Therapy is happy to treat clients in the treatment room, or, for a small fee, massage clients in the comfort of their own home.
Rejuvenate Massage Therapy is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and all therapists are trained to ITEC and VTCT standards.

Sports Massage is a type of massage used to benefit any person who engages in regular physical activity. The application of the sports massage, before and after exercise, can prevent injury, enhance performance, and aid recovery.

Dry Cupping is an alternative therapy, much favoured by modern athletes, using suction cups on the body. It has many benefits including pain relief, increased blood flow, relaxation and well-being. It can be used as a form of deep tissue massage.

Dry Needling is a modern-day treatment designed to relieve muscular pain and relax tight muscles. It is particularly useful for focusing on specific trigger points and increasing range of movement.

Swedish Massage is known as a ‘classic massage’. It is lighter than a deep tissue or sports massage and is designed to relax the entire body.

Migraine Therapy uses soothing massage techniques to relieve tension and relax the muscles in the muscles around the head, face, jaw, neck and shoulder areas, promoting sleep and reducing stress.

Pregnancy massage is thoroughly relaxing massage for expectant mums in their second and third trimester. Not only is it soothing, it can help relieve insomnia, joint pain, neck and back pain, leg cramping and sciatica.

Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage but using deeper pressure which is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. It focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia.

Hot Stones is a massage treatment using heated basalt stones, designed to soothe both body and mind. The benefits include eased muscular tension, improved circulation and a lift in wellbeing. Ask your therapist about using hot stones as part of a deep tissue or sports massage.

Corporate massage is a service provided for employees at their place of work. It is the perfect incentive to show value, boost morale, and reduce stress and muscular aches and pains.

Care Of Cancer Therapy is known as ‘The Power Of Touch’. The massage is tailored to each client’s needs, and is intended to relax the body and mind, relieve tension, improve lymphatic flow, and enhance mood.

OUR TREATMENT PROCESS from initial consultation to recovery and relaxation


Your therapist will complete a full consultation with you before your treatment. This will include a medical check, discussion of why you’re attending and a range of movement assessment.

Massage treatment

Your treatment will be discussed with you at the end of your consultation. Your therapist will explain the process of the treatment, and what to expect throughout. You’re welcome to ask questions at any point during your therapy.

Aftercare and advice
Aftercare & Advice

Depending on your treatment, your therapist will advise you on your aftercare. With the majority of treatments, it will be recommended that you drink plenty of water, and potentially have time to relax, as you may feel tired after your session.


If you’ve had an injury of any kind, you may be required to have subsequent treatments, and there may be some exercises or stretches for you to perform to aid this process. Your therapist will discuss this with you in your treatment session.

What are the Benefits of massage

Massage therapy is a treatment approach which is growing in demand and popularity. It was once considered an alternative or fringe approach, but it is now becoming much more mainstream. More importantly, now that massage therapy is considered a mainstream treatment option, many insurance companies provide coverage for treatment sessions. This form of therapy involves hands-on techniques to increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and promote relaxation throughout the entire body, as well as many other benefits. The body’s soft tissue areas include the muscles, tendons, connective tissue, etc. If someone is tense and in need of release, or they have been injured and have extensive muscle and/or nerve tissue damage that plagues their body, massage therapy might be worth exploring. Here are some benefits of massage therapy.

1. It's relaxing

When the body is tense and under stress, it produces unhealthy levels of the well-known stress hormone, cortisol, which can contribute to weight gain, sleeplessness, digestive problems, and headaches. Massage therapy has been shown to decrease cortisol levels in the body. This enables the body to enter a recovery mode. Moreover, this form of therapy also triggers lasting feelings of relaxation, improved mood, and reduced stress levels.

2. It reduces stress

Not only can massage therapy help with stress relief, but regular massage sessions over a prolonged period of time can boost energy levels, reduce pain, and stimulate individuals on physical as well as emotional levels.

3. It can help lower blood pressure

Regular massage therapy sessions have been found to reduce blood pressure levels. In fact, some long-term studies have shown that a consistent massage program can reduce both systolic (upper number) and diastolic (lower number) blood pressure. Moreover, it can also reduce cortisol levels within the body. Furthermore, consistent massage sessions can also reduce trigger sources for anxiety, hostility, tension, and depression. In turn, lower blood pressure levels can also reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and/or kidney failure, as well as many other health issues.

4. It Promotes Muscle Relaxation

The purpose of massage therapy is to target the source of the body’s pain via eliminating tense muscles, increasing flexibility, and providing relaxation to the affected muscles as well as the body as a whole. Massage also promotes circulation to the affected or injured muscles, which increases nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissues. In turn, this increased activity to the affected sites reduces stiffness and edema (swelling) in the muscles and joints, as well as increases flexibility to help reduce pain. Moreover, this form of therapy also releases endorphins (pain-killing hormones), which boost the dopamine and serotonin levels in the body. These hormones assist the body in many ways–physically as well as emotionally. Case in point, they promote healing, pain management, and feelings of euphoria, as well as help to calm the nerves.

5. It can help improve circulation

The long-term benefits of massage therapy are not to be underestimated. Improved circulation is part of a snowball effect that occurs in the body as a result of receiving regular massage therapy on a consistent basis. This is because proper circulation brings damaged, stiff, and tense muscles the rich blood supply they need to promote healing.

Moreover, massage also promotes improved circulation via the use of hands-on pressure, which moves the blood through the damaged and congested areas of the body. In turn, the release of this same pressure causes new blood to flow into tissues. Furthermore, the squeezing, twisting, and pulling action of the massage technique also removes lactic acid from the muscle tissues. As a result, this action improves the lymph fluid circulation, which carries metabolic waste products away from internal organs and muscles. In turn, this results in lower blood pressure levels and improved overall body function.

6. It can help improve posture

Many people experience back, neck, and muscle pain from a variety of sources. However, the primary cause of this pain results from poor posture. In fact, chronic back pain, which is the number one reason for missed work days and second most common cause of disability, is often the result of incorrect or poor posture while standing and/or sitting. Moreover, being overweight, poor posture, and repetitive or overuse movements can also contribute to the strain on the back and other potential problem areas. As a result, the added strain often causes spasms, pain, and tense muscles in the hips, glutes, back, neck, and legs.

Massage therapy can help get the body back into proper alignment. In fact, improving one’s posture can be one of the most beneficial and relaxing aspects of massage therapy. Massage allows the body to relax and loosen the muscles made tense and sore via bad posture. In turn, this allows the body to position itself in its organic and pain-free posture. As part of a consistent massage therapy program, the body’s muscles are loosened and relaxed. Moreover, the joints have greater freedom, flexibility, range of motion, and pressure points are relieved. As a result, the body is able to position itself in an organic and healthy posture. In short, massage therapy helps to correct the positions and movements developed over time as a reaction to pain.

7. It can help strengthen the body’s immune system

Regular massage sessions provide many benefits to the human body. It is a well-known fact that individuals who experience high levels of stress are more vulnerable to illness and injury. When stress is combined with sleep disturbances and poor nutrition, the impact is directed at the body’s immune system. Its ability to naturally protect itself against infections, pathogens, and bacteria is greatly reduced. Some might wonder how massage therapy benefits the immune system. Studies have indicated that regular massage sessions not only help reduce stress but can also boost the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity (activity level of the body’s natural “killer cells”) and enhances the body’s ability to deliver nourishment. Moreover, massage therapy can be a great addition to any exercise program. Much like regular exercise can keep the body fine-tuned, regular massage therapy can help keep the immune system strong and resilient.

Sports massage in Wakefield & Barnsley

Sports Massage is a hands-on treatment technique performed by qualified sports therapists and physiotherapists, which involves manipulation and mobilisation of the bodies soft tissue and myofascial structures. It was originally focused towards athletes to prevent and relieve injuries, however both athletes and non-athletes can gain both physiological and psychological benefits from receiving a sports massage.

Benefits include:

Pain relief

Feelings of relaxation


Increased flexibility

Increased blood flow

Scar tissue break down

Corporate massage Wakefield and Barnsley

Fancy bringing the massage experience to your work place? Many of benefits of corporate or onsite massage for your employees are similar to the benefits of getting a full body massage at a spa, but in the comfort and convenience of your workplace. Onsite massage eliminates the need to travel to a massage clinic or spa and is a fraction of the cost.

Benefits include:

Reduced stress

Decreased anxiety and depression

Relief of muscle tension and pain

Lowers blood pressure

Relieves headaches

Increases focus, energy and mental clarity

Reviews from our happy clients

First session with Kay today in for a sports massage and try get to the cause of a recent sciatic nerve problem. Apart from finishing off with a load less pain from her treatment we also had a good laugh at the same time. Highly recommended and will look forward to many more sessions to support my training. Any Thai boxers reading this, please consider Kay

Ian Burns Sports Massage

Very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I’ve been may times and will continue to. Definitely recommend.

Sam Arnold Sports Massage

I've have been having sessions with Kay for migraine relief. Kay is amazing. She immediately puts you at ease. She's very accommodating at arranging times to suit you. She is extremely professional and very good at what she does. The treatments have improved my headaches and migraines and I would recommend Kay to anyone.

Amanda Wicks Migraine Therapy

I have suffered from migraines for 30 years and have tried every drug treatment going without success I began migraine reduction treatment with Kay at the end of last year and have had massages every 2 weeks since. Since beginning treatment I have only suffered one migraine and that’s when I skipped a massage. I can’t recommend Kay highly enough my treatment has made a very real difference to me.

Joanne Schofield Migraine Therapy

I can highly recommend Rejuvenate Massage Therapy. Earlier this year I was invited to take part in a migraine study which was being conducted by Kay Mallinson’s Sports and Remedial Massage. As a long-time sufferer of migraines and tension headache, I chose to take part in the study, to find an alternative solution to main stream medications. I found that as my course of treatment progressed that the frequency and intensity of my migraines and tension headache lowered considerably. Following on from the study I have continued with the treatment to maintain the benefits found and my general wellbeing. Kay’s facilities, communication, subject knowledge, approach to, and delivery of treatment is excellent and conducted in a professional manner.

Cahill Roberts Migraine Therapy

My daughter has suffered with Migraines since she was a small child, the headaches are debilitating making her vomit, feel unwell and have to sleep for hours and hours! Luckily in July I saw Kay’s migraine massage promotion... Adeela tried the migraine massage and than since the end of August she has had regular migraine massages... during the past 5 months Adeela has only had one headache which has been really bad! The massage had helped her so much and we can’t thank Kay enough! She is such a kind lovely therapist making you feel comfortable.

Nas Ahmed Migraine Therapy

I visited Kay last week, having seen a range of therapists for ongoing issues with my knees. Her initial assessment identified something which has never been brought up before, but makes perfect sense due to my dance background. Not only did she treat the symptoms but has given me a focus to remove the cause of (some of) my pain. The massage itself was extremely thorough (sometimes painful), and her professional and personable manner is second to none. I highly recommend seeing how Kay can help you.

Sarah Attah Sports Massage

I've used Kay twice now and can highly recommend. I used another physio prior to her but after 5mths of the same old and no improvement, plus enduring boring, banal small talk, I'd become fed up. I've had back pain & stiffness for a long time and hadn't been able to run for 6mths last year. Kay impressed me from the outset. The initial assessment was thorough. She seemed way more knowledgable and said things which made sense in relation to my knackered joints & back. The sometimes painful massage is worth it and I'm hopeful she can sort me out. She's also chatty and funny and definitely not boring ! I just wish I could afford to see her more often as I'd go every week if I could!

Marina Oldreive Sports Massage

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