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Care of Cancer Therapy

Care of Cancer Massage Therapy

Touch is important for wellbeing. It helps people of all ages, from babies to the elderly, and on many levels – including physical and emotional. Evidence suggests it improves sleep, reduces muscular tension, provides a sense of calm, and can improve self-image, concentration and quality of life.

 Touch is especially important during illness. It can express care, reassurance and support. During treatment or when you feel discomfort or anxiety, can be very comforting. While massage doesn’t treat the cancer itself, it may help reduce the side effects caused by conventional treatments and improve quality of life and wellbeing.

 As well as improving physical symptoms, some people with cancer say that having a massage: makes them feel whole again, helps them to relax, helps them share feelings in an informal setting, makes them feel more positive about their body and rebuilds hope.

What is Care Of Cancer Massage Therapy?

Today massage is being offered to patients and carers in all areas of healthcare in Hospitals and Hospices as supportive individual care. Massage has long been accepted within conventional healthcare for its therapeutic effects. Massage incorporates many different styles of techniques from light stroking to deep pressure. The lightest touch is used with cancer patients.

Massage creates a feeling of deep relaxation which benefits emotional and psychological disorders. Throughout the massage there is a releasing of endorphins that help to uplift the spirits and reduce anxiety and depression. A massage treatment usually lasts up to one hour, where you will be asked to remove some clothing, (you will be covered by towels for modesty) and lie on a massage bed. It assists in breaking the pain-spasm cycle for chronic pain by releasing muscle tightness. During the treatments you may receive a back massage, a foot and leg, hand and arm massage or a head massage.

Concerns and Myths

Can chemotherapy toxins harm the therapist?

The toxicity is excreted through urine and faeces and does not contaminate the therapist by excretion of cytotoxic drugs via sweat.

Can radiotherapy harm the therapist?

After radiotherapy there is no radioactive residue left within the body. If a patient has a radioactive implant they would be in isolation.

Can a therapist spread cancer?

There is no evidence to show that massage causes the spread of metastases through the lymphatic and circulatory system. The hands-on therapies such as massage are adapted to the most gentle and light touches and are no more likely to have an adverse effect than many other everyday activities, such as taking a hot bath, walking and other forms of gentle exercise.

Can a therapist work over the whole body?

There is no evidence to show any harm to the patients or spread of the cancer through massage. The treatments may have to be adapted to either hand/arm, leg/foot or back massage. The gentlest of massage strokes are used, and at times, just holding will take place.


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