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Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage

Whether you are looking for an idea for an incentive for your team, want an experiential thank you gift or simply want to maintain work well-being and morale, an office corporate massage package can be just the ticket. A quiet space / room for an on -site massage chair or couch is all that is needed for each client to enjoy a massage of the back, neck and shoulder areas to help relieve any tension on those stressed “work-at-desk-all-day” spots typically down the back and in between the shoulder blades, leaving the client feeling relaxed yet refreshed. If space is an issue, then massages can also be offered at employee’s desks too.

What is corporate massage?

Corporate massage is a service provided for employees at their place of work. This can be either seated or on a massage couch. Employees have the choice to either have their massage clothed or undressed using oils and towels. Massages can vary in length, depending on your preference. Typically, the average corporate massage lasts around 20 minutes. A small, quiet space is required for the therapist to set up and conduct each massage.

Corporate massage can take place on any frequency that makes sense for the size of your business. This could be one therapist a month, or several therapists every day. Each program is flexible and built to fit your company’s needs. Most companies set up a schedule so employees are aware of when their massage is taking place, and therefore can look forward to it.

Another option is to have a massage event as a one-time special occasion. This may be part of a celebration, a party or health fair. Again, this is tailored to the needs of the company. Certainly a fun and positive addition to any event!

Why choose corporate massage?

Recent research has shown that stress and anxiety lowers productivity in the workplace. This is due to depressed individuals feeling unable to do their jobs, therefore not achieving their daily goals.

Last year, 50% of work place sickness days were taken due to stress related illness.

These were either physical:



Eye strain

Neck pain

Lowered resistance to infection

High blood pressure

Ulcers and heart disease

Or emotional:



Poor concentration



This can create a poor work environment, financial issues for the company and a high turnover rate.

So how can Corporate massage help?

Many of the benefits of chair massage for your employees are similar to the benefits of getting a full body massage at a spa, but in the comfort and convenience of your workplace. Onsite massage eliminates the need to travel to a clinic or spa, and the cost is far cheaper. Giving employees the option of the onsite chair, means the therapy is accessible to those who may feel uncomfortable getting undressed, and therefore wouldn’t ordinarily benefit from treatment.

How does this benefit your employees?

Previous studies have shown that employees have gained the following from having a massage in the workplace:

A significant reduction in stress

Decreased anxiety and depression

Relief of muscular tension and pain

An improved quality of sleep

Headache relief

Lower blood pressure

A reduction in repetitive strain injuries

Increased immune function

Increased focus, energy and mental clarity

How does it benefit you, the employer?

Not only can massage make your employees feel valued, it can aid the company no end with the benefits. These include:

Increased employee productivity

Attracting top talent with the massage incentive

Increase employee retention

Decrease worker’s compensation claims

Reduce health care costs

Improve office morale

Read more about Rejuvenate Massage Therapy and our expertise and see how we can help you and your staff.

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