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Migraine massage in Wakefield

Migraine Therapy

Migraine Therapy

Introduction to Migraine and Headache Therapy

Migraine and Headache Therapy is a unique massage for those who suffer with tensions headaches and migraines. It’s a remedy that many find effective, but not so many seek out.

Getting a massage for your headache or migraine is one of the best natural treatments there is. Whether you’re a regular sufferer, or just someone who suffers now and then, massage has shown that it can not only provide relief from headache, but also act as a preventative too.

What type of headache do you suffer from?

Headaches can be divided into three different categories

Tension-type headaches


These are the most common of all headaches. It has been recorded the vast majority of people who suffer with this type of headache never seek medical help. People who suffer with this kind of headache typically complain of feelings of tightening or pressure in the head that last from minutes to weeks. It has been known for Tension Headaches to be mistaken for migraines, although the two present themselves very differently.



Are quite complex in that there are four different sub-types of headache under it’s umbrella. These include cluster headaches, sinus headaches, and migraines (with and without aura). Migraines are intense headaches, on one or both sides of the head usually accompanied by nausea, and light or sound sensitivity. Migraines can also be preceded by an aura, a visual disturbance which may appear to be shimmering lights, fractal lines or stars. Migraines are way more common in women than men, due to hormone differences.

Traction-inflammatory headaches


Although rare, can be serious. Causes range from a stroke to sinus infections. The headache is sounding an alarm for something more serious going on in the body. This type of headache should be treated by a healthcare provider as soon as possible to rule out potentially serious causes.

How does massage help with headaches?

Massage therapy has proven to be an effective measure for reducing both chronic migraines and tension headaches. Massage also eases the muscle tension in the neck, jaw, and shoulders, which can cause headaches in the first place.


When compared to pharmaceutical interventions, massage proves much more economical, and has no known side effects. Research has shown that a professional therapeutic massage can decrease pain, tension, duration, intensity, and frequency of headaches.

What about migraines?

Those who suffer with migraines (1 in 7 worldwide), will appreciate how debilitating and challenging it is to function through the throbbing pain, nausea, and light or sound sensitivity that come with them.

Migraine massage can help reduce the frequency of the headaches, as well as acting as some form of relief from the pain itself.

Rejuvenate Massage Therapy conducted a trial in January 2018, where a mixture of clients ranging in different ages, genders and backgrounds all received migraine therapy massage over a 10-week period. Each client received an hour of treatment per week, and was asked to feedback how they’d felt prior to, immediately after and then days after the treatment. The research showed that 100% of clients who took place in the trial, had a reduction in frequency of migraine headaches, with some not getting any at all during the treatment period. All confirmed feeling far less tense around the shoulder, neck and scalp area, as well as having a much better feeling about their wellbeing.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment is in three main parts. First of all, is a relaxing upper back and shoulder massage, with some deep tissue pressure applied to reduce muscular tension. Secondly, is a neck massage, working up into the base of the skull (occipital area), where tension is usually carried, and finally a soothing facial and scalp massage is performed to relax key trigger points around the face and head.

We also offer other treatments which may help including Swedish massage and hot stones massage.

See migraine therapy treatment in action

  • Don’t eat just before your massage
  • Drink water prior to, and after your massage to remain hydrated
  • See a licensed therapist trained in hot stones massage.
  • Be through in completing your consultation form.


  • £ 37
    50 minutes
  • Migraine Therapy Session

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